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Meet the Designer

Cherelle Mone’t is the Principal interior designer of Luxe Life Interiors LLC. She has always had an interest in homes, and she has enjoyed watching home shows since she was young.  Immediately after high school Cherelle completed a Real Estate course where she received her certificate. She passed the Real Estate exam but later decided to shift her focus on interior design. Cherelle understands that both are two completely different careers however she feels they both tie together.  Currently Cherelle is focusing on building her interior design firm then she plans to jump back into Real Estate. 

Cherelle discovered her true talent for interior design when she completed her first renovation project on her very own home. From there, Cherelle started off working with Posh Home as a mentee. Her mentor worked with a builder, so she was able to gain a lot of hands on experience with the start to finish process of Interior Design. Cherelle decided to further her education in Interior design and completed a Diploma Course with The Interior design Institute. Cherelle received her Diploma while building her own Interior Design business. 

Cherelle started her very own firm, Luxe Life Interiors in May of 2019. She styles spaces from start to finish and or freshens an existing space with stunning results that are comfortable to her clients. Cherelle’s mission is to create “Luxury Your Way” by catering to her client’s individual needs and style. She is dedicated to personalizing and designing comfortable, attractive and enjoyable spaces. Her focus is on Luxury Contemporary Residential Interiors  however, she offers a range of interior design services and styles for residential and commercial properties. With her design vision, attention to detail, and hands-on experience working with clients, she is confident that Luxe Life Interiors can help you design a space that you will love.

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